PTFE Envelope Gasket

PTFE Envelope Gasket: A Pioneer in the field of Industrial PTFE Envelop Gaskets, Jain Mill Stores is a specialized in Manufacturering of PTFE Envelope Gasket.  consists of an envelope of PTFE with CAF/CNAF Insertion. The envelope gasket is normally used as a flange gasket in industries where there is a necessity of high chemical and pressure resistance. PTFE Envelope Gasket is chemical resistant and have Wide temperature range thus combining the benefits of different materials.

We at Jain Mill Store supply PTFE Envelope Gaskets according to all standard sizes for flanges. We can also provide customized envelope gaskets according to your Requirements.We are specialized in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of PTFE Envelope Gasket that is procured using one of the finest resources available.

PTFE Envelope Gaskets are widely used in Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries because of their excellent Ability to withstand properties to ensure operational safety and product purity.

Basic Properties of PTFE Envelope Gasket:-

PTFE Envelope Gaskets are Long-term Durable and have recovery characteristics.These are considered as Anti-adhesive surface resistance. Best Suitable for multiple requirements in operational safety and product purity.Their chemical composition allows them to resist ultraviolet Rays.

They Have an Excellent dielectric Properties.Envelope gaskets are Appropriate to non-stick characteristics .They are regarded as Less Absorbent towards Gases and liquids.

Applications of PTFE Envelope Gaskets:-

  • In a chemical competitive environment, where pollution of the medium is not present, it is very complicated to use a standard gasket. Here PTFE Envelope Gaskets are applied as flange gaskets such as Petro Chemical and Processing Industries.
  • Widely used in Food and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Gasket systems for Pipeline, container and device flanges.
  • Iron and Steel manufacturing industries.
  • Gaskets with PTFE insert with or without corrugated metal ring.
  • Gaskets with Polymerfibre insert with or without ridged metal ring.
  • PTFE is chemicalstatic and may be used in direct contact with food.

Types of PTFE Envelope Gaskets:-

We at Jain Mill Store supply PTFE Envelope Gaskets in various types, such as

PTFE Envelope Gasket 1

The PTFE Envelope Gaskets provide excellent, hassle-free installations and are designed to your Custom needs. These are available in different array of sizes.

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