Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket :

Spiral Wound Gasket: Spiral Wound Gasket is normally a Mechanical Seal, its primary function is to seal the irregularities or lumps between two or more surfaces. By providing a good seal, it can prevent leaks and spills from the surfaces while being compressed.

We at Jain Mill Stores manufacture Spiral Wound gaskets under Brand name “JAINCO”. Our¬† JAINCO Spiral Wound gaskets are available in a variety of models to suit the particular flange facing and can be utilized on the flanges. They are long-lasting and easily installed and removed. They are available in four different fillers of CAF/AF/Graphite/PTFE. They are appropriate for high pressure and temperature applications. The inner ring acts as a heat shield and it can also protect us from the corrosion from heavy metals.

Basic Properties of Spiral wound Gaskets:-

It contains a spiral shaped wound with a non-metallic tape made up of graphite, mica, stainless steel or steel tape. The Spiral Gasket is fitted with a supporting ring on the inner side of  centering ring on the outer diameter depending on size of the machinery.

Spiral Wound gaskets constitutes a spiral wound V shaped stainless steel strip and a non-metallic filler material, such as graphite or Teflon.Spiral wound gaskets can be distinguished in their design depending on the surface and Machinery.

Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket 1

Applications of Spiral Wound Gaskets

  • Spiral Wound gaskets are used specifically in high pressure areas and in critical operating conditions due to their precise characteristic and profile.
  • Spiral gaskets are well-suited for alternating and adjusting loads. Spiral wound gaskets balance these differences well while also exhibiting low leakage rates.
  • Spiral Gaskets can withstand Any amount of Pressure and temperature and Can take care of all your Metal needs As per your Dimensions.

Types of Spiral Wound Gaskets:-

  • Metal Winding Strips
  • Filler Materials
  • Guide Ring Materials

Compounds which are utilized to manufacture Spiral Wound Gaskets:-

3.2 mm +-0.125 mm
4.5 mm +-0.125 mm
Winding Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
304 Stainless Steel 650 oC
304L Stainless Steel 650 oC
316 / 316L Stainless Steel 650 oC
316Ti Stainless Steel 650 oC
347 Stainless Steel 650 oC
321 Stainless Steel 650 oC
Filler Material Recommended Maximum Temperature
Graphite 550 oC
PTFE 260 oC
CAF 440 oC
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